Democratising access to mentorship and expertise.

It is our mission to weave a network of incentivized 'everyday experts’ and make their insights easily accessible to all.

Our Story

The Founders’ Journey

Donna & Ollie

Co-founder Donna intimately understands the struggle of forging new paths at critical junctures in life without the benefit of an extensive network or mentorship. Whether it was seeking insights from students at universities she considered applying to, professionals in fields she was intrigued by, or entrepreneurs as she transitioned from her corporate career to start-up life, the lack of access to meaningful conversations with experienced individuals underscored a universal need: accessible mentorship from those who've truly "walked the walk."

In parallel, both Donna and co-founder Ollie were frequently approached for advice and insights by people in their networks. While they shared a vision to incorporate more mentoring into their day-to-day lives, they found it challenging to manage this effectively without a dedicated platform. Friends and family expressed similar barriers, often citing inflexible scheduling around their busy lifestyle or the lack of monetary compensation as deterrents to committing more time for knowledge-sharing.

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The Value of 'Everyday Experts'

Bridging the Gap

At Ellustro, we believe that everyone is a 'walking book' with stories and insights to share. The value of our experiences is not measured by their extraordinary nature but by the wisdom we gain from them. In the course of our ordinary lives, each of us amasses a wealth of knowledge unique to our journey.

By sharing that knowledge, we teach not just facts or skills, but lessons of resilience, hope, and the art of possibility. Everyone has something to teach because every experience, no matter how small, can illuminate the way for someone else.

Bridging the Gap

Motivated by their personal journeys and the drive to create bridges where there were once gaps, Donna and Ollie plans to launch Ellustro in 2024. Their mission is clear: to weave a network of 'everyday experts,' incentivized to share their insights, thus making transformative conversations a vital stepping stone towards fulfilling one's ambitions.

Ellustro is designed for those eager to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement, offering a space where guidance is not just available but woven into the very fabric of our community.

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